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Bitcoin manipulation cartel

bitcoin manipulation cartel

See what happened Crypto Exchange OKEx on Mar-302018? I hope to write a separate post on PM-suppression-scam later. Definition of Cartel Finally, after paragraphs upon paragraphs of conjecture, the article provides more details about what they claim is the Cartel. Market is still falling. Their presence started showing the hour CME-Futures Market Opened it doors for Crypto. There will be many rallies in this inning. If I am right: This is going to be the longest inning Few Years.

4th Dimension: Bitcoin Manipulation, cartel - CoinWrath

See this Daily Bitcoin chart (image last updated Apr-012018). How is the Market Reacting on the Recent Bitcoin ETF Rejection. They dont like Bitcoin unless they control. Now everyone believes its a natural correction. Political scandals and the advocation of the.N.s nuclear proliferation treaty to a greater extent in recent years have also suppressed the prices of Uranium. Still have doubts about Gold Silver manipulation? As a result, the spot price of gold increased all over the world. Iraq nets handsome profit by dumping dollar for euro. This correction will soon be over and we will be going to 20 first and then the moonso they say. But rather than wanting to just acquire Bitcoin at cheaper prices, Super Crypto suggests that the goal of the cartel is to actively control the monetary aspects of Bitcoin, similar to what has been done with gold and silver over the last several decades.

Bitcoin, cartel 2: Bitcoin Drops 10K to 8K, Next Stop 15K

However, there doesnt seem to be any more evidence that a Cartel was behind these sells than there is for the magic tooth fairy or a pin-striped unicorn. For those that have a hazy memory of the incident, this essentially resulted in the shutdown of numerous major plants until the source of the incident could be pinpointed. In fact, ADD more as they dump it on the market. Which are those markets? Gox changed his dates of selling. Does this look like a Natural-Correction to you? You got it, they try to destroy the enemy (by all means). See this Gold confiscation order Two things happen when a particular asset is banned 1) Govts and politicians have to face peoples anger and 2) the banned asset gets peoples sympathy (and people tend to hoard it even more). I am trying to point out the undercurrents in the water we are swimming. Adding even more fuel to the fire, Shapeshift, a popular platform for instantaneous Bitcoin exchange, will introduce obligatory memberships where users will provide their personal data. Undercurrents are never seen, they can only be experienced. Morgan veteran, said that he learned how to manipulate prices from more senior traders and that his supervisors at the firm knew of his actions. The answer from all of those individuals will more than likely.

Does it look like a bitcoin manipulation cartel seller who wants higher price for their Bitcoin or a lower price? I know, its hard to! What is the next excuse, people? Here are a few problems with this theory in itself: The article provides no plausible reason for what inherent advantage there would have been in releasing the news at the date that it was released. Inning #1: The Moon Phase into the Futures 2017. I can write a book on this. Proshares Bitcoin ETF was mainly based on Bitcoin future contracts rather than any physical holding of BTC, unlike the cboe ETF proposal which is due to be decided or extended in September. Without further adeiu: Dissecting the Introduction of the Cartel Article Before the author even gets into the article, he begins with the ominous disclaimer of, Dont be surprised if this post just disappears one day. Some users had reported not receiving their funds for over an entire day.

Cftc Subpoenas Coinbase, Bitstamp and Others while

Its the Cartel people, and their playground is Futures market. So, when the author asserts that the rich or the Cartel simply wants to hoard gold in order to keep resources allocated among the richest people in the world/financial vague agency they feel the Cartel represents, their argument falls. So, we have to discount this portion of the argument as well. Naturally, I thought, Why not? The author asserts. The article, which was posted on Medium, is titled, 4th Dimension: is their Goal. Is Cartel Active in Crypto Space? Once enough volume is built at the futures market will take over.

Cartel is like an Invisible Hand! Who is Governments boss? Exchange traded funds are derivatives. Golds descent Bitcoins ascent is considered a normal event. This is a custodial reserve system, where the custodian holds the actual bitcoin and what youre getting is a share in their fund not bitcoin. First they said the correction is because BCH was listed at Coinbase, then they said its Tether subpoena, then they said No, No its. Use it as a Pause-for-thought. This time the ban is more around communication channels: Banning crypto WeChat accounts, banning crypto media outlets, shutting down any public crypto activities. By 2007, it had appreciated by 500, which is insane.

Inning #2: The crash after the Futures 2018. Other nuclear disasters in different areas (Russia is the most recent example) have also greatly impacted the price of Uranium. What do you see here? Its primary Goal is Price-suppression. There are a lot of talks in the community that the approval of a Bitcoin ETF would further suppress the price of the digital asset like it has done in the last decade with Gold. It did happen to Gold since 1933. After they answer no, go ahead and ask the first one thousand people that you meet afterward whether they have a gold bar sitting in their home. Currently we are in the 3rd inning. The author claims that the Cartel let bitcoin reach 20,000 before collaborating with the CME and cboe to suppress the price of bitcoin by shorting. There are a few things that precipitated the dramatic drop in Uranium prices (hint: price suppression isnt one of them). This is one of my tweets on Dec-102018. Good luck with that!

Tether Responds To, bitcoin

What Cartel is this individual talking about? The real reasons Bush went to war. The author then claims that the Cartel is very active in the crypto space and bitcoin manipulation cartel that this knowledge of their activities is what led him to pinpoint a drop in the crypto markets from the time that the CME futures were initiated in mid-December. This is a footprint of the Cartel in my view. Reason #4 Devaluing the price of gold (which is theoretically impossible anyway) would have been counter-intuitive for any Cartel working on behalf of financial institutions This is because financial institutions are centralized, for-profit entities that are designed to store, distribute, and loan money. The DIP must be so deep (or bad) that everyone must have given up by this time. Source: m/invest/markets/uranium-price The peak in 2007 occurred at 136.00 as the article stated.

Manipulation, game on the Cryptocurrency Market - September

Bitcoin, Gold, Silver moons. Its so true event today. Nothing goes in a straight line. Once again, despite the definition of Cartel being provided by the author of the article, there doesnt seem to be anything else other than the authors own musings that provide evidence of the existence of such an entity. Check my Twitter account @Super_Crypto, so far 70 of it is already in place. Here is the definition of PPT from Ivenstopedia Here is the job description of the PPT in Stock and bond markets To keep the Stocks and bond markets artificially elevated using the printed (Helicopter) money so that the dream. Thus, by devaluing gold (which I explained is theoretically impossible since everything is valued in gold, not vice versa financial institutions would be decreasing the relative wealth of the system which they are dependent upon.

In other words, the Cartel, at this point in the article, appears to be a completely fabricated, unverifiable magical entity with no known source, whose sole purpose is to disrupt the crypto market for the purposes of helping out the federal government (?). Its Price-Suppression (not Manipulation). So far, 200 Billion Dollars have been wiped out from the Market Cap. The next day its 200. The answer is quite simple: Cartel is like an Invisible Hand! Bitcoin moon rally was a manufactured event. This total is still well below the value of gold in 1980 (and 1980 wasnt anywhere close to the peak of golds price). I see they want a lower price. There doesnt seem to be any sort of grand collusion on a higher level to suppress the price of bitcoin. Dont believe in Cartel? I strongly feel. Most people get confused about my Bull and Bear Tweets, Please dont. For example, when the Silk Road situation imploded, there was more than enough ammo for the government or other entities to spread out propaganda or lobby for legislation that would have destroyed bitcoin.

We would prefer if the collection of personal information were not a mandatory element. Unfortunately, there is no CEO-of-Bitcoin who can be killed to destroy Bitcoin, therefore, rest assured, there will be efforts to keep the Bitcoin pinned down. Be warned this phase may also include societal collapse. The price of uranium leading up to 2007 was overpriced, to say the least. But, without further adieu, lets get into dissecting the articles contents and exposing the issues/problems/logical inconsistencies embedded within The Article From the very beginning, the author mentions some vague, unknown source called the Cartel, which exists in the 4th dimension of the market. A serial dump since Mar-24 to Apr-01! Check out these platforms: Telegram /CoinEducation Twitter m/cryptomedicated So, recently it came to my attention from a user in my chat CryptoMedication) that theres this theory about bitcoin that I should check out. CME opened on 17th December and they started selling on exchanges. More at my twitter @Super_Crypto a response written to this article Interested in access more free crypto analysis, resources and information like this? If you look at it, in a way opec is also a cartel because they control the supply. Bitcoin dump started exactly at the moment CME opened Doors at 5PM on Dec-172017.

Why, bitcoin is Different cartel

Please note it IS NOT Manipulation. Gold bugs denied it even when Gold and Silver was brought down to earth before their eyes. Cartel The 4th dimension of the market. What do powers do when they see anything as a threat or enemy? Same as Gold Can we compare these charts with Bitcoin now? It does not work that way folks. He claims that their presence in the space became immediately apparent as soon as the CME-Futures Market Opened it sic doors for Crypto. Many countries are still evaluated by their stores of value namely, gold. Gox dumping allegedly actually happened. The number of unconfirmed TX/day for the bitcoin protocol was absolutely absurd. If this sounds convoluted thus far, thats because it absolutely.

What is too late? They all work in a perfect synchronization to bitcoin manipulation cartel pull coordinated attacks to attain the goal of price-suppression. The obvious question is, what is the motivation? This is how it is being evolved. The reason it was not suppressed in 1974 was A) there was no need to since Gold was just decoupled from USD in 1971 B) US did not have Debt of 21 Trillion that time.

bitcoin manipulation cartel

Why did they wait 55 days to release the Tether subpoena news and how did it hit with all other Bad news on the same day? Here is definition of Cartel from Investopedia. This Is How Cartel has Worked Since CME opened. This means that one is simply trading the spot price of a real asset without having to transfer the actual asset. This is a game of Here is my pinned tweet written on Dec-022017 (I warned Well before it started, thank me later) What is the Strategy I am using? We will see many Rallies and Dumps in between. Why only Gold, Silver Bitcoin? I point out 2 simple examples from the recent History. We are in for a long ride of a few years.).