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Very profitable forex strategy

very profitable forex strategy

Some Traders are so lazy to base their trading on scammers and trading signals. Understanding what they repeated continually, I improved my trading practice. Sell: Bearish candle signalize downtrend in lower timeframes , it is likely that trend momentum will be at least partially present in next day session. It gives money analisa forex mingguan to pay bills, to put food on the table and to pay the school of children. Later, the price completed the retracing back spiking. The 4-hour chart is used for all of the 5 steps, besides the filter chart which uses the daily time frame. Then, success comes from the understanding of Price Action.

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When the Tenkan is above the Kijun - bullish bias. In conclusion, what I tell you is to Study with dedication. Trading defines my lifestyle and. But at the end, the Price Action pays for everything. Example for M5 10-20 pips, M15 20-40 pips etc. Nothing fancy yet effective. Both are equal (on average). As result, I am here to explain how to, so as why, it works for me, maybe for you too. As you can see they are very profitable very profitable forex strategy trades, especially considering that I dont trade with a particular leverage. The main strength of our strategy will be to capitalize on trending breakouts.

What is its biggest improvement point? I did not know what was the most. A simple yet profitable strategy and a plan is the ultimate key to consistent long-term profitability because it allows traders to capitalize on their edge without emotions day in and day out. This means that I was uncertain about many things, until I found out my first Multimillionaire Mentor. Trade management The stop loss uses the tops and bottoms from the 4-hour chart.

very profitable forex strategy

We hope you find that this simple yet profitable strategy can very profitable forex strategy be a very profitable forex strategy. If yes, and the price is too close (sufficient space towards S R ) then that pair and potential trade setup would be filtered out and ignored. This strategy is also good for other time frame 30 min, 60 min, 240 min ). Strategy 201 Here are the basic details connected to the strategy : Our goal was to create a swing strategy that can be actively traded by all types of traders from beginners to very experienced ones. Recommended Article: H4M30 Intrady Trading: This Simple system Made Intraday Forex Trading Profitable When you want to go safe, trade H1 There are lots of pairs, which you can trade, and i am more then 100. In the screenshot below is an example of when a currency has a momentum to upside, downside or no side (flat).

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I am talking about what very profitable forex strategy moves the price so as how and why it is moving. For buy, stoch need to come from 20level. Hence this Buy trade paid me 5014 pips of Realized Profit. The direct result was those to become a Trading Mentor for the students. Listening him so as studying with dedication his lessons I realized what was not working with my trading. Automatically copy the traders that are already profitable. This could sound controversial, because very large price ranges (thousands of pips) show trends. Therefore, my life changed. The Tenkan and Kijun lines are part of the Ichimoku indicator, but the remaining 3 parts of the indicator were removed (please read more here about the Ichimoku indicator ). Profitable, forex, strategy is what makes my Fortune. There is no complication. Considering that Money Attracts Money, together with him also other Multimillionaires Trading Mentors gave their contribute to my Trading Education.

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Recommended Article: Forex, solid macd Indicator Trading System : A Good Filter System for Trend Following Trading. The rewards that I get with my trades are not the profit of single investments by trades. After 5 years of trading i can tell you, you will just profitable on the higher Timeframes like H1 ect. All the other things are only Chatting. Stop Loss, also it very profitable forex strategy lies in your hand. Part 4 trigger The trigger is the moment that the trader is waiting for: the price has confirmed its expected development and a trader is one step away from entering. Stop to focus on thoughts that are usefulness, but look for the money. As always, our only focus is on technical analysis. I closed the highest one with a small profit, letting the lowest one in running for almost 20 days. False breakouts often tend to have big-sized wicks upon break out.

Supply and Demand Trading shows where their orders are, so where the money are. I base my trading on Price Action, then on Trending and Unbalancing. The most Powerful and, profitable, forex, strategy. Reach a Target and then Rinse and Repeat. Then, I had to find a way to get out of darkness so as move forward leaving behind everything. When the Tenkan equals the Kijun -range This is a sweet, simple and effective way of measuring the trend. Eurcad has dropped and my Buy order was waiting there for many days. I never risk a Trade to get a few pips of profit. Important: I am not telling that know where are the money is enough to earn properly. These trades show you how to measure properly the Success of a Trader. My indelible Truth and Testimony about Trading This is what I know: When I had nothing, stress and desperation were always with. So, the trade followed my Trading Plan and the strong momentum pushed the price up to my target. When I found my Multimillionaire Trading Mentors, I realized that I had a concrete chance to become a Great Trader.

very profitable forex strategy

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Or or or or or use your brain. This settings for macd is awesome. Every profit I earn is a Paycheck for all those years of dedication. Get MT4 Expert advisor trading this forex strategy. The entry is the defining moment but it never hurts to be critical before opening the position. Some people consider trading like Casino, then their mindset is for Gambling but not for Trading. Part 2 opportunity The opportunity is valid when the Tenkan has an angle:. Profit Target 5 min (7-12) pips, 15 min ( 9 -15) pips. Note: there is one important task we would like to ask you to complete in return for access to this profitable strategy. Just an idea for exit, for buy, exit when stoch reach 80level. In the same way, I changed my mind about the money. In addition, the buyers continued to push up the price marking a new top in the Trading Scenario.

very profitable forex strategy

I bought a bit high, not the best entry point. Realized Profit: xauusd 5014 pips and 9102 Profitable Forex Strategy xauusd Buy Trade 5011 Profitable Forex Strategy xauusd Sell Trade 9177 pips xauusd has dropped down strongly. Recommended Article: Guide To Trading With Divergence : Simple Effective. At the end the price retraced back and then it reached my target. But things change and with time and dedication I built my future. We want you to tweak and test it with your own ideas. My rewards are the result of several years lived by sufferance, sacrifice and hard work. Dont get too very profitable forex strategy confident.

5) 35 trades taken, i am sure we have your attention now. The first thing we want to share with you is the performance details of the strategy. Conclusion What is clear now is that the simplicity is the key of every Profitable Forex very profitable forex strategy Trading Strategy. I never stop learning and Trading is the business that saved me from the darkness. This could be either: A) Bullish trend and bullish opportunity B) OR bearish trend and bearish opportunity.

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Not all my trades give the reward that I expect. Do not trade before the news. (stop loss equals profit target). Only the price action can make you profitable consistently and constantly for the long-term. And easy to follow the rules! Then, the best way is to take only those trades that can give a large reward with an acceptable risk. Blue over red just buy, red over blue just sell. There was still a long way to go and I did not know anything about Trading yet. Then, the trends inside them are what pay large rewards. The buyers were waiting for it, then my Buy trade took an advantage of this, rising strongly.

Again the opportunity is very intuitive and has an internal logic. Why other sellers sell tons of different stuff and claim that each is the best? As a versatile trading tool that can reveal price momentum, the macd is also useful in the identification of price trend and direction. Supply and Demand Trading shows where are the money. Last but not least, make sure that the strategy rules match your own trading psychology to increase the chances that the rules are implemented effectively. But alone it is nothing more than this, because my quality trading comes from years of hard work and dedication. A downward sloping angle means downward momentum. The trigger means full alert for the trader as the moment of entry spirals closer part 5 entry method The entry method is an immediate market order as soon as the candle closes. As a result, my Buy trade paid me 7565 pips of Realized Profit. But be aware that the Price Action exists because the unbalancing between Supply and Demand willing.

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The largest growth of my account comes from just a very few trades closed properly. But I am talking about My Way to use Supply and Demand Trading. Ratings We wish you Happy Trading! It always happens, using any simple Forex system or a difficult one. Two of the most important things why the right mindset is fundamental are the Trade Sizing and the Risk Management. A flat angle means no trend /range environment and no momentum The trend and opportunity have to be aligned to the same side before a trader can continue with the next step. I repeat it continually to the students of, because I recognize that this is the real difficulty they have. It is tremendously important because it gives all the necessary to manage the investments in the right way. But he must understand that it requires dedication and hard work.

What I tell is that understand where are the money is Great. The macd indicator has enough strength to stand alone, but its predictive function is not absolute. Instead, the most of them use to risk trades for a few pips of profit, risking a lot. And now look for the cross from the winner indicator. That concludes the rules and explanation of the strategy 201. If the trade you are considering doesnt meet all your entry signals but it seems to good to pass up, remember, youre never going to run out of trades you can make. Hence, with dedication and determination I changed my life condition, making a large part of my Fortune. Therefore, the strategy is focused on trading with the trend but it will only use one-time frame: the 4-hour chart. Invest 100 for a 5 of Price Change in reward is different from invest 100.000 for the same reward. For the most of the people, trading is very subjective.

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When each unit of loss was compensated.5 units of reward and approximately 50 of the trades are won, then obviously the strategy is very profitable forex strategy going to pull into profit. Going forward, repeating and repeating the right things, we will realize that we have become profitable constantly and consistently. Recommended Article: Most Accurate Forex MegaTrend Strategy : hull Moving Average BUY-sell Signals Trading System Ratio stop loss.2. Filters are very important for making your trading more profitable. What the most people really forget is that every trade is a risk.